Cathy Herb- Min

Cathy Herbert is a versatile performer with a background in theatre and comedy. She is a member of the sketch troupe President Bear and appears regularly in comedy shows of varying sub-genre around Winnipeg. 

Cathy Bio

Jonah Simmonds-Jamie

Jonah Simmonds is an actor, creative writer, and experienced Dungeons and Dragons game master who loves playing vampire overlords in his free time. He has written numerous short stories, produced a play for the Fringe Festival, and will be graduating from the University of Winnipeg this spring. You can find him playing video games with his girlfriend Paige and their children (aka dog Coco and cat Nim).




Milan Janzic- Damon

Milan is a dutch guy who’s lived in three continents before he was 14, when he finally settled in rural Manitoba, Canada. Though culture shock was strong, He carried his passions wherever he went. Dungeons and Dragons, Boxing and Heavy Metal. He later discovered his love for bartending, strategy games and creative writing. The energy of his hobbies and the narrative skills for DnD really inspired me to provide the voice for Damon in Midnight Case Files. You will most likely find Milan serving a fine cocktail at downtown Winnipeg’s most regal bars or getting angry at some strategy video or board game with his friends.



Amber Westra- Various

Amber just graduated from the U of W in June (2018).  She is currently working at the LC and Heather’s Pretty Parties. She has some experience in television. She loves to draw, play games in her spare time.


Terry Hamel- Various

Terry has acted in several plays since 2016 (Aladdin, Pied Piper) and most recently he played the King in Rumpelstiltskin. As well, he has acted in the independent (BOAT entertainment) film “Time Sleeper” as a priest, In Plain Sight as Larry Bonney and My Misdiagnosis. He enjoys watching movies.Terry Hamel-6 - Terry Hamel