Character Bios


Minnifred (min) Lyell is a centuries-old vampire. She has spent the last hundred years apart from society living a secluded life in a distant forest. Min recently was called back to society to keep a promise she made. When she returned Min started a private detective agency in order to help clear the names of wrongly accused supernaturals. She is a bit prickly at first but cares deeply about those around her.



Jamie is a human who was thrown in the world of the supernatural when his boyfriend Damon was turned into a werewolf. Jamie does not have the same supernatural skills that Min and Damon posses, but he contributes to the group with his wealth of knowledge of various folklore. He is also extremely supportive and kind.



Damon was turned into a werewolf while on vacation with his boyfriend Jamie. Damon is not the brightest mind, but he is a go-getter and determined to help as many people as he can. Whenever he senses that something is unjust he will not rest until he makes it right.