Episode 1:

Jamie, a young human contacts Min, a private investigator and Vampire, to help clear his boyfriend and werewolf boyfriend Damon, of a murder.


Episode 2:

When a Japanese snow spirit is kidnapped, strange and dangerous weather starts to spread across the city. It’s up to Jamie, Damon and Min to find her before the city ends up buried under snow.


Episode 3:

Jamie Min and Damon investigate the murder of a mysterious supernatural creature. The investigation leads them to the discovery of sinister organization Aegis, lurking in the shadows.


Episode 4:

Shaken by a revelation, Min tells Jamie the reason why she came back to society after all those years away, and the one goal that she must fulfill.


Episode 5:

Just when Min thought she had put her past behind her, and old acquittance comes back with news that her long-dead boyfriends’ death might not have been an accident.


Episode 6:

Jamie tells min some exciting news, and the office is attacked.

Episode 7:

Jamie and min rally an army to fight Aegis